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Thursday, August 16

iPalm, 3Com, your Mom?

It all rhymes but who is to say that we know anything. With the rumor wells dry the masses have taken to the ultimate rumor, the Apple portable. This is a very old rumor but a good one. It warms the heart just to think of it. When ever I see my friends Newton I am still jealous. How about a Newton the size of your palm, with full color screen and web capabilities along with high speed wireless capabilities. Sounds like a ddream? Well this dream may be closer than you think. Sources are saying that Apple is planning and currently designing a handheld device for release in the next few years. With the recent plunge of handheld stock, the word on the street is that Apple would be foolish to release one now. However, information we are privy to says that Apple is not nearly ready to release one anyways. The device, said to be designed to house a large LCD color screen, encompassing nearly the entire top surface. Built in Bluetooth wireless technology, along with full web capabilities is also said to be in the plans. Interchangeable memory chips (similar to the flash cards for the Newton but larger in size) and a new character recognition software to go along with the high definition screen for writing (palate) capabilities.
Wow, what a great idea, is what most people are saying, however, this is followed by a loud sign when the realization sets in that such a machine making it to market in the near future is unlikely. With all the new hoopla about Apple setting its sights once again on Palm and the recent purchase by palm of Be, this could be closer than you think. Also recent job postings by Apple for handheld developers is also a sign of what might be coming.
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