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Monday, August 20

If we were Adobe, we'd be pissed to...

You spend years in a relationship with a company pumping tons of money into developing a stable program that becomes the reason most people use a Mac only to have that company decide it can do it better? That doesn't sound like gratitude to us. The upcoming release of iphoto, Apple's newest piece of software that is a direct clone of Adobe Photoshop, is sure to cause more than just the much rumored rift between Apple and Adobe. More like a massive financial loss for Adobe. If we were Adobe, we'd be pissed to. How many more slaps in the face is Adobe going to take before it stops developing for the Mac? Is it that Apple thinks that Adobe is so dependent on the Mac market that they can't pull out and must continue producing the famous software for the millions that rely on it daily? Is it that Apple is saying that they are so desperate for new users that they are producing software in direct competition with their partners that they know is a sure hit with customers? We would rather get Photoshop capabilities free than pay the high non-educational cost of Photoshop (up to $600 CAD). Of course, most companies that can afford to buy Photoshop are the ones that will continue to buy it and are actually the only ones that do so in the first place. The real winners here will be the low-end home user who can now afford a strong photo editing software package. It should be a bitter pill for Adobe to swallow non the less. This will be an interesting story to follow in the next few months as apple get ready to release this software.

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