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Monday, December 10, 11:05 PM EST

Unacceptable! I'll show you unacceptable!!

Apparently AG does not fit the Mac web mould that someone produced years ago. Or maybe it is the fact that a little professionalism goes a long way now-a-days. Now in all seriousness we are not upset by our last place finish in the ROTMW survey. We hope to benefit from it with help from our viewers as to what we can do better. As a super low cost production (check out the domain name) we do not think that a last place is a bad place to be. Hell, we are happy to have been included. AG is in no position to go out of business. We have only been doing this for a few months and we are getting better at it everyday. So smile and be happy for AG, when you are in the gutter the only place you can go is up.
Now how about some news...
Microsoft Squabblings
News today about Microsoft and its settlement woes. Apparently the courts are taking Apple's complaints seriously and are considering basing their judgment on Steve's complaints. We here at AG think it is about time. Enough with the monopoly. Everywhere you look there is another labouring PC begging for the beauty and simplicity of a Mac. If Microsoft is allowed to sour the minds of children with it's "FREE" software, then all other computer companies might as well close shop. Apple has spent over a decade catering to the educational market. Allowing Microsoft to do this is not fair and will seriously hurt Apple's future. You can almost imagine this whole court case against Microsoft as an elaborate plot to increase the Monopoly. Bill and his lackeys might have thought it up years ago when they screwed Netscape. AG thinks it is a disgusting misuse of power.
Palm rises from the dead?
There is a lot of talk about an anonymous investor in Palm. Apparently someone (something?) invested 50 million dollars in Palm to help it regain its composure after the massive crash that occurred in the PDA market. The rumor is that the secret investor is Apple. A lot of people believe that the investment is for the creation of the PDA (will it ever go away) but some believe that it has something to do with the migration of Palm desktop to OSX. Apparently the lack of Palm desktop for OSX has caused a slow in the rate of crossovers to the new OS. Apparently Palm users refuse to switch over as they have become reliant on the software package. Only time will tell but we here doubt that this has anything to do with a new Apple PDA.

What do you think?

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