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Wednesday, December 19, 6:30 PM EST

There is a reason for everything.

Why was the PowerBook updated just three weeks before Macworld? There are a few reasons that may interest some people and may bore others. First, the main reason for the early upgrade is that this update is well overdue. Why would Apple make a big deal about a new combo drive that has been avaialble in its cheaper ibook for months. Sure the update will be mentioned in the keynote as will alot of other things such as the ipod. This is one of the reasons for the extended keynote time. Apple is planning on recapping its entire fall program during this keynote along with other announcements.
Another reason is that Apple is trying to increase sales of the PowerBook for christmas. The PowerBook was rated one of the top executive gifts for this christmas. With the new update, Apple is trying to increase sales of the laptop this christmas and just before MacWorld to try and entice weary buyers who may decide to wait until MacWorld before buying a new Mac. Who wants to buy a new (expensive) computer for Christmas only to have it considerred old a week later. At least this way consumers can be assured that they will have the newest and most advanced laptop on the market for a few months.
Just a follow up note, all those that did purchase PowerBooks before the upgrade was announced will be allowed to upgrade starting January 14th. This update will not be free. The PowerBooks without the combo drive will be able to upgrade for a low cost that has not been announced yet in Canada. There is a site listed for the upgrade here. However, this page is non-existant right now, but you can check the american counterpart and do the conversion for a rough estimate. You can see that page here.

Realistic MacWorld Predictions?
Another report was mailed to us today that listed a few MacWorld predictions that are thought to be more down to earth than most of the rumor vomit that is out there now. The predictions include a flat screen imac, a new lineup of Flat Screen displays including a 19" monitor. There is also a hint of a massive price drop in the 22" display. The big news is the prediction of new Apollo G4s at speeds of 866, 1.2 and 1.5 Ghz, with the 1.2 GHz model available in a DP configuration. There are a few things that could be said to discredit this such as the use of all the buzz words that have surfaced in the last few weeks on the rumor web. Also, a rumor will be more believeable if it is toned down a bit. Any idiot can make up a bunch of crazy rumors that people want to hear and believe, but a more sneaky way would be to dull down the rumor and leak it into the rumor mills. There is also the fact that there is no other information available. There is no mention of DDR ram or USB 2 or firewire 2. There are also great advances that will make the new PowerMacs must haves. As far as rumors go, we are sure we were not the only rumor site that recieved this email. There should be plenty more as the time ticks down to MacWorld. Drop us a line if you have a scoop.

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