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Wednesday, December 20, 8:30 PM EST

Bring on January baby!

If anyone out there has not yet noticed there seems to be alot of hype surrounding the next MacWorld to be held in San Fran California. We see the increased hype about the upcomming hardware releases as damaging to Apple's christmas sales and the quarterly sales. It would be fitting if Apple did not release anything at the upcomming MacWorld just to spite the rumor mongers (us included) for causing such an uproar in July. Apple has no choice but to deliver at next months conference. There will be a rovolt if they pull another MWNY 2001. Nobody in the industry expects Apple to sell many imacs this christmas, which is too bad. Christmas sales are what most companies rely on to help finance the comming year. Even with Apple's ability to stay above water during the recent sinking of the tech industry, a bad christmas sale will not help their financial situation. Especially with all the new projects that Apple is rumored to be working on. But is there a positive to this situation.
of course there is
If Apple has cannibalized it's own sales this christmas with all the hype that it has created with it's press releases and lengthenings of keynotes, it can surely rely on all that saved money being spent on brand new hardware that it is releasing right after Christmas. What a January Apple will have! There should be plenty of back orders for imacs, faster G4s or what ever Apple is planning on releasing this January. You might even see an increase in sales of the ipod, but that is another rumor. All in all, do not feel bad for Apple. This is all part of the big picture that Steve dreamed up many years ago.

What do you think?

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