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Friday, December 21, 5:00 PM EST

The more radio waves the better!!

An interesting report was submitted to us today that states that Apple will include Airport Cards with all its new Macintosh computers. There is no confirmation of this statement but if one thinks about it (like we have been all day long), you may start to think it is possible. In the last few months Apple has made quite a large effort to update both the hardware and software for its AirPort systems. A new base station was released a few weeks ago and software updates have been coming out on a regular basis. It is true that there was a lot of flak over the fact that OSX needed sever updates to it's AirPort software and that could be the reason for the many updates, but we think it is something more exciting.
The most intriguing idea is the hype surrounding the new proposed imac and what it will look like. Rumors of the imac are that it has a small footprint on the desktop, (revolutionary, innovative, yadda, yadda, yadda.). It is being billed as an unobtrusive, low-profile unit that is meant to not be cluttered and look pretty. We asked ourselves what was the ugliest thing about computers and one answer came up, all the wires. Apple has already taken huge strides to reduce the clutter around their computers by introducing displays that can carry all signals from mice and keyboards through a single cable to the computer. This helps alot but there is still the network cable to think about. Although not that big a deal, it is still the last cable that Apple has to worry about to make a clean desktop and floor environment for its computers. This idea about reducing clutter and increasing order around the computer is not that pressing right now but it is still a good idea.
The biggest push is portability of the imac once it is released. If the rumors are true and the LCD imac is released that has a small desktop footprint, it should also be light weight and easy to move around. A wireless connection would be ideal for this situation. If you wanted to move your work from one room to another, just pick up your monitor and walk to the next room. Judging by the rumors and moch up pictures, the new imac will be lightweight and only a few pounds heavier than the portables. Easily moveable by the average person and thus a wireless network connection will help out there. There is still the case of the keyboard and mouse cables but we didn't say it would be really easy to move.
The other last bit of evidence is Apple's innovative self. Being the front runners of trying new things, it is fitting that Apple again be the first and offer wireless networking will all its computers as a standard. This will increase the sales of the AirPort base station if the cards are included. Reports state that the AirPort cards are relatively cheap to produce now so there would not be that large a price increase. This will also throw a huge spotlight on the new imac as it will be branded as a wireless computer. There are lots of computers that can be made wireless with a large budget but to have one that comes wireless right from the store is another story. Remember that AirPort is based on an industry standard and the cards work with other wireless hubs.
Again this has not been confirmed in any way but it is possible. If you think about it you will come up with other reasons why this might happen. We had lots but these are the only ones that were close enough to earth to be allowed to be published.

What do you think?

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