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Monday, December 3, 9:40 PM EST

Wait just one second, this is getting out of hand!

Today CNN made it official. They became a rumor page. Check out this link this link This is beginnning to get out of hand and we love it. Everyone and their dog is talking about the G5 and the rumors are getting more wacky every day. The actual rumor started off as crazy with speeds in the high 2 GHz (2.8 reported) but now with rumors about whole new PowerMacs being released at macworld that have Gigawire, which makes these machine clusterable (oh my gosh), we have to admit we are shocked.
With all the hype that was surrounding the G5 and how powerful and usefull it is going to be, everyone overlooked the other amazing new technology that was going to be released along with it. 266 MHz DDR RAM, Gigawire, and USB 2. These techonlogies alone with a faster G4 would increase sales of the PowerMac immencely and couple them with a G5 and you are talking huge sales. But what if Apple was to release the new faster G4 and call it a G5. We think this would be a huge mistake. With all the fuss Apple has made over the MHz myth with Intel, and AMD with their new naming architechture, it would not take long for everyone to pick up on Apple's little faux and call a fox a fox. CNN wrote what every mac site is saying, a new PowerMac will be seen in the new year. Will it be a G5 or a G4? This seems to be the real rumor, but who cares, as long as it is incorporating these new technologies, we will be happy. We still hope to see G5 machines at the Expo, but do not be surprised with another keynote letdown.
Lets think about it for a second...
With production already supposedly started and speeds close to 1.6 GHz, people are drooling over the posibility of having a G5 on their desktop. There are numerous reports that these chips will be sold at 1.6 and as a fallback 1.4 GHz (in case yeilds of the 1.6 are not met). This is a huge leap from the 866MHz of today. With the processing power of the G5, Apple would be crazy not to release this processor asap, especially with all the hype behind OSX. Who wants a futuristic OS when you do not have the processing power to use it. Dont get us wrong, we are pleased with the speed OSX runs on current G4 machines, but it could be so much more. Apple is about to release DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro for OSX. These software packages are going to need ever faster processors to keep up with consumer damand (and lets face it, real time rendering has to arrive some time). The G4 can remain at the consumer level, but the professional damands high performance and is willing to pay for it, a point we are sure Apple is well aware of. Bring it on Steve. This is the time for Apple to shine. Forget about "IT" for a few seconds and lets get on with the Mac rumors. Send anything (and we mean anything) that you have heard about the G5 that we do not know to this address and lets keep the rumor mills spinning.

What do you think?

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