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Tuesday, December 4, 11:00 PM EST

LCD all-in-one imacs maybe more than a glimmer in their daddy's eye.

Today it was reported on CNET published a story stating that Apple is in the midst of purchasing enough materials to produce up to 100,000 new flat screen imacs early in the new year. This is by far our favorite rumor as it leaves so much open. Apple serioulsy needs to produce a whole new imac design and concept. The sales of the imac are down and the whole idea is a bit stale now. The buzz behind a new imac would surely push Apple further into the spotlight that OSX has produced in the last few months. The report was based on information obtained from Morgan Stanley, a brokerage firm that has released a report on Apple and its future in the market. This information is possibly the closest we have come to the realization that this may just happen. We all rememeber the heart break we felt when there was no imac at MWNY. Will Apple release the new imac at MWSF? Who knows. Even the analysts are not going to venture into that one. They do say that the imac will be released in 2002, it just wont say MWSF. This could open up a whole new can of worms.
Lets picture the MWSF showroom floor for a second Picture Steve waling across the stage as we are now starting the keynote. After Steve prances through all the great things Apple has done in the last few months and shows ipods and Final Cut Pro 3 (released today by the way) and everyone is clapping. Then he goes into his routine of announcing the new products and the crowd gets excited. The first thing that is announced is the G5 PowerMacs. Whether it is the dressed up G4 (apollo) or a whole new G5 chip, as long as it is accompanied by the new USB 2, Gigawire and super fast RAM there should be quite a big whisper started in the crowd. The next thing Steve will talk about will be the consumer line of desktop computers. The imac is ready to be brought out and everyone is ooing and aweing at its new design and life saving technologies (we can dream cant we). As Steve announces all the kewl features of the new imac and demonstrates its flat/LCD screen to the crowd he casually mentions that the whole thing is powered by a G4 processor,and people in the crowd go mad. There are boddies of Mac users on the floor who just could not take anymore. Steve finishes by saying Apple wants to provide Mac users with the most powerful desktop computers capable of doing all the digital needs of their busy lives.
It could happen!!
Can we expect G4 processors in the new imacs? It would explain why we have been waiting so long for the imacs release. The main reason would be the release of the G5. The imac may not be released in January along with the G5 and Apple may wait until later in the year to announce this huge product. If they do not plan on producing the imac with G4 processors (ther are a lot of reasons why this may not be feasable) then Apple may produce the new imac at MWSF with a G3 processor at GHz speeds. Whenever the release is going to be, Apple needs both of these products early in the new year. Apple wants and needs to get more people using OSX and realize what millions of people already know, Macs are better.

What do you think?

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