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Tuesday, February 12, 8:00 PM EST

You can order it and watch it but you can't get it

Sorry for the 3 week hiatus but we are back. The newswire has been slow lately with no big stories around to report on. One of the bigger stories was the pending backlog of imac orders that has become apparent in the past few days. We have received emails from people who are on a waiting list at number 400+ for the new machine at different Mac retailers. We all knew there would be alot of interest in the new machine but we also thought that Apple would have all those orders filled by the time it got around to shipping the new imac. Reports today from MacZone state that they were only shipped a handful of new imacs from Apple and they have orders for thousands with expected shipping dates of March. This does not sound efficient to us. By that time the lower end models will be released and even more sales will be backlogged. The reason for all of this, no one knows exactly, but we can speculate right? Some of the initial rumors seem to state that Apple is only releasing a small amount of the initial rev of the imac to ensure quality control is at its maximum. What this means is Apple is slowly seeding the new imac to the public so that in case there is some major design flaw in the machine a quick recall can be done. It is obvious that the imac is an expensive computer for Apple to make, so this would seem like a good business decision to make on their part but a misuse of customer loyalty at its best. What do we mean by that, we mean that no matter how long they make us wait they know that we are not going to switch platforms on them. On a side note, the average shipping time for the new imac is about 4 weeks. If you are interested in getting the new imac and don't know where to order it, see the below ad (end shameless banner plug) hope yours arrives soon

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