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Monday, February 25, 9:00 PM EST

Hockey, updates and dongles


We do not mean to goat but Canada did beat the USA to win the GOLD medal in Olympic Hockey yesterday. What does that have to do with Apple industry news you ask, nothing, just national pride.

OSX 10.1.3

Did the new update of OSX break anyone else's OSX. Ours slowed down sooo much that it was really hard to use it and it was about as fast as winXP which we had the unfortunate chance to use this weekend. Boy that OS has a lot of weird bugs. We installed the java update and this seems to have sped up the OS a bit more. That friggin spinning beach ball just seems to release the rage in anyone doesn't it. Boy that is the worst. We here cant wait for 10.2. That release will hopefully have the same impact on the OS as did 10.1. Lets face it, it is really much to slow right now. But we can't go back to 9 for anything.

Missing or new pages

Where has spymac gone. We have not been able to get there in a while. Any new news on Macedition? Anyways, as for other news, has anyone checked out the new appleaudio.com? wow, what a great site. i guess we are all going to go out of business now. I know what you are thinking, when were we a real business...

PhotoShop 7

Well it is finally here. The software application that was to have made OSX a huge success 8 months ago. Better late than never eh? Bullsh#$. This should have been released with 10.1. Shows a lack of commitment on Adobe's part. Don't even get us started on quark. There is a history there that we would rather not get into. It all goes back to install floppies and dongles. Security freaks.

What do you think?

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