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Monday, September 24

Look at us, we are publishing once again!!!

As we have spent much of the last two weeks trying to download the latest build of OSX using the now bankrupt hotline, the world has seemed to pass on by without us watching. Since the release of OSX is going to be tomorrow (many sources from many different sites including our own have stated this), we have stopped dealing with the ugly side of the net (hotline server admins) and got back to business before our daily hits go into the negatives. Read More

Thursday, September 13

If NEC can do it, why can't Apple

Where is the new imac? Who knows? Is Apple going to be left behind on this one? Will they be the last to release an all in one LCD desktop computer? has posted a story about NEC's new all in one LCD computer. We all have to be wondering what is happening with the production of the LCD imac. Read More

Tuesday, September 11

Terrorists attack NY City

Today the most brutal terrorist attack in history occurred in New York City and Washington D.C. Casualties are in the thousands. A lot of the wounded are being brought to Toronto and Ottawa. Please call your local canadian blood services to arrange a time to give blood. Please do not show up as their offices are blocked with donors. This is the most horrible thing we have ever seen. We send all our american friends our love and support. Please keep safe. We are not looking forward to what tomorrow will bring...

Friday, Sept 7

Eyes of the Hawk, ears of the wolf, Speed of the PUMA?

With Apple's pending release of OS 10.1 codename PUMA toting to be the be all and end all of the computing industry, This month may be one of the most exciting in regards to this OS since its initial release in March. Of course the only thing that could actually sink Apple's ship now may be it closest partner and ally, Motorola.READ MORE

Saturday, Sept 1

Yes we are still here!

We are having difficulties publishing lately and should be back up to speed soon. Expect new stories as soon as possible and thank you for your support. Here are a few bits of info to keep you happy for now.READ MORE

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