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Wednesday, August 22

OS 9.2.1 released.

Apple silently released OS 9.2.1 update today as a huge 83 meg download. This update does not seem to be necessary for anyone either than mac owners who recently bought machines shipping with OS 9.2. This however has not deterred everyone and their dog from trying to get the update whether they need it or not. As a result massive server overload has occurred and very few have been able to get the file. If you have managed to get the update and can figure out why anyone with 9.1 needs it please tell us. Macfixit has posted some info on the subject. Early reports are that apps launch faster and many items are updated to newer versions. As reported earlier, 9.2 was just to provide bug fixes. 9.2.1 is probably the same idea with increased stability for newer macs and the upcomming 10.1 release.

Monday, August 20

If we were Adobe, we'd be pissed too...

You spend years in a relationship with a company pumping tons of money into developing a stable program that becomes the reason most people use a Mac only to have that company decide it can do it better? That doesn't sound like gratitude to us. The upcoming release of iphoto, Apple's newest piece of software that is a direct clone of Adobe Photoshop, is sure to cause more than just the much rumored rift between Apple and Adobe.

Thursday, August 16

iPalm, 3Com, your Mom?

It all rhymes but who is to say that we know anything. With the rumor wells dry the masses have taken to the ultimate rumor, the Apple portable. This is a very old rumor but a good one. It warms the heart just to think of it.

Monday, August 13

Speed Holes found in New G4 Silver Models!!

Due to the immense pressure that Apple has faced in regards to incresed "MHz" for the new G4 Silver, they have taken extreem measures to ensure that every drop of speed can be squeezed out of every machine. Apple has incorporated what are known as speed holes in the front panel of the new Silver PPC. Sources say that these (speedholes) make the machine that much more faster. A well known 20th century philosopher (Homer Simpson) learned that speed holes make the car "go faster". Well it seems that Homer has been hired as an Apple hardware consultant. These front loaded holes (styled as splits in the plastic) are thought to make the computer "go faster" when it comes to everyday wind resistance and sheer. These speed holes remind us of a similar attempt at a speed increase for the ill fated cube. Those modifications were not met with a good response from the consumer. Apple is hoping that the performance boost seen with the new silver machines will blind the consumer from the ugly cracks in the front of their new $4000 Computer. If for some strange reason you do not like your speed holes the word on the street is that Apple will send you a replacement for the front plastic in a Gigaflop. Contact Apple support for more details. If you are like us and did not receive a Silver model with the speed holes do not fret, you can modify the case to obtain the immense speed increase yourself. All you need it a sharp screwdriver a small hammer and no brain. We urge all viewers to send us pictures of their cracks (homemade or AppleDirect) so we can post them for all to observer. Just send them to Speedholes and we will make sure that all will see. Please note that we do not recommend the "speedhole" modification to any of our viewers at this time.

Friday, August 10

Troubles from paridise

We are having major troubles with the heat and the DSL. I know alot of you that are in North America are suffering here like we are. The power keeps going out to so we send apologies for those who are having trouble accessing the site. As for updates, we are kept busy right now keeping cool and actually accessing the net. This is not even written from out office. Emails of condolences are welcome from all. The funiest story is of Microsoft trying to play God again and get their initial court decision and anti trust suit dismissed. But that is for another time and page. Our troubles are supposed to continue throught the weekend and hopefully we will be up and running at full speed by early next week. We will continue to post any updates from the Mac world and our own as we hear them so please check back.
Thanks alot and stay cool

Friday, August 3

What is new in the mac world today?

Nothing. That is right folks, since the fatal MWNY the rumors have been pretty quiet. Rumor sites are scrambling to come up with interesting stories that will keep you coming back day after day. Some resort to stating the obvious and other Make up stuff. Those that have some journalistic integrity are not publishing regularly as there is nothing worthwhile (or truthful) to say right now.

As for us, well we try our best and do what we can. Since we are Canadian, there is not much happening on the AppleStore front as there are none in Canada right now. There are also none planned for Canada right now (please correct us if we are wrong here). Also, there is nothing else that can be said about flat panel imacs that has not already been said. September seems like the time that most people are now saying that apple will release the mystical new imac. Others think it is better for Apple to release it in time for Christmas or in the new year. Macosrumors has the line on a source that says that Apple is getting ready to release the imac in time for the holiday season in November or December. However, late September is the best time to release a product for Christmas. Think about it.

10.1 seems to be the best place right now to focus our attention. This is going to be a great upgrade. Fast and reliable with DVD playback and a slew of bug fixes and add-ons. With the release of all the new upcoming software and games just in time for the new imac and 10.1 the fall should be an interesting time.

Our G4 867 is on its way right now, (estimated shipping of about 3 weeks) and we are stoked for its arrival and the arrival of OSX 10.1. When we get our hands on the new machine, who knows what we will come up with.

We would like to take the time now to thank our loyal readers out there who come back daily to read what we have to offer. We have broken 1000 daily readers now and the number is growing very fast. All the emails of info from viewers have helped up confirm many of our stories. If you have any advice or info or just want to say hi, please drop us a line. We love to hear from our readers. We are interested in what you have to say. Anything you think that may be happening please feel free to drop it on us at any time. The address is at the bottom of the page. Other than that, we are tapped out here. Good luck to all those in Texas with the new store..


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