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Monday, July 9

imac-the affordable supercomputer?

The imac has lost much of its initial momentum that was based on good looks and affordability. How is Apple going to market the imac in this day and age? Looks do not seem to cut it any more so there is only one answer, SPEED. How else is Apple going to market the imac except to make it ultimately faster than its pc counterparts? There is only one way to do this, and that is to replace the G3 processor with a G4.

That’s right, no more G3 processors in desktop computers. This makes sense if you think about it for a second. The G3 has been around for a long time and even though it still has a lot of life left in it, its marketing value has dropped significantly since the release of the G4. The sales of the imac will skyrocket with the implanting of G4 processors in them.

What about the professional models? If one puts the high-end processor in the low-end computer are you not just hurting your own sales? I do not think this is true. Make way for dual G4 professional models. Recent reports state that there have been sightings of dual G4 PowerBooks and multiprocessor power Mac towers have been around for a while. The best way for Apple to win the so-called megahertz battle is to do it with dual processors. More is always better. This will also set the stage for the release of the much-anticipated G5 sometime next year as the transition will be half over.

If all pro models are sporting multi processors and all the low-end consumer models have the much-publicized super computing processor, then Apple can’t miss. There are plenty of lower speed G4 chips available and with increased yields of the higher speed processors, Apple can actually pull this off and reclaim more of the market share without looking foolish next to huge backorder lists.

What does this say for the flat screen rumors and all? Well I wouldn’t rule it out but cost wise I think this is a more feasible alternative. The flat screen is an expensive option to have at this time. However Apple may have a reserve of these and may have a way of producing the 15-inch cheaply. There is no way we will see both the G4 and the LCD screen in the imac, it is just not realistic with the price of both of theses components right now.

Friday, July 6

Will Apple trade performance for clock speed?

With the recent release of Intel’s P4 at clock speeds of 1.8GHz people are beginning to wonder if Apple will fall too far behind in the clock speed race and suffer slowed sales as a result. It is well known that the Pentium 4 pretty much sold its soul for clock speeds needed to boost sales.

Generally sales would increase if customer perception of a faster chip were there, as consumers tend to think that clock speed is what judges the speed of a processor. However, a trade in performance to accommodate a faster clock speed may not be what is best for Apple right now.

Apple’s core users are what keep Apple financially afloat and these users rely on performance and not clock speed numbers to sway their buying decisions. Keep them happy and others will follow. However, the almighty buck might sway Apple’s decision if they need a boost in sales in the near future to survive the financial fallout due in part to clock speed based sales.

Thursday, July 5

Apple cuts cube from team

Apple has officially announced that it will no longer be producing the Power Mac G4 cube. Although several reports state that this may not be the last show for the cube it seems that non-expandability, marketability and high price has caused the demise of this award-winning computer. Apple states that more people are buying the more powerful G4 Tower instead of the cube.

It is hard to provide an “in between” computer when Apple has such a powerful lineup already. However, I also believe that this computer will be seen again as it is just such a good idea. When it first came out we all had dreams of rooms stacked with cubes running in parallel as one giant computer. It is sad to see it go but those who have one are happy with their purchases.

Wednesday, July 4

Tablet display imac soon to be?

Recent reports regarding the production of an imac with a wireless, removable display have people in all areas of technology saying wow. The idea of being able to pick up your flat screen off of a base and carry it anywhere in your house without taking a performance hit is something that a lot of people in both commercial and consumer settings could benefit from greatly. Portability in an office environment or in a university setting could make life easier for all if one could record into the tablet or retrieve information quickly and easily using the screen as a tablet type input device and not have to be tied to a desktop all the time.
The advent of such a desktop computer however is farther off than one thinks. Even with wireless technologies at the speeds they are now there is no plausible way that a wireless connection could be maintained at to support the throughput needed between a detached monitor and a “base station” imac, at least not at a reasonable price in order to be considered for the consumer market.
Although this technology may be far off it is this kind of thinking that has always been what has made apple the alternative choice for millions. With the upcoming MacWorld setting to be one of the most significant in years one has to wonder what tricks apple is set to unleash on the public to try and regain more of the PC market.

Monday, July 2

Should Apple be holding off on an Intel port for OSX?

Recent reports have stated that Apple has stopped all development of a WINtel port of OSX due to fears of causing a drop off of hardware sales and backlash that may come from Microsoft. Letters that have been recently written to me suggest a huge demand from Windows/Unix users who are drooling over the advanced operating system.
Their take on it is that the hit on hardware sales would only be temporary. The thought is that once they have the futuristic operating system and learn that Apple is not to be feared and is not inferior as is the common thought in the Windows world, then people would start to use OSX more. When it became time to upgrade their computers those that prefer OSX would upgrade to a Mac as OSX would tend to perform better on a PowerPC than on an Intel based machine. However as it seems with most public companies, now is more important than then. In Apples current state in the financial market, it needs to satisfy its shareholders now rather than give them more promises of a brighter future. As for Microsoft, Apple would be wise not to upset the software giant. With all the recent work performed by Microsoft on Apple Specific products, namely Office and the soon to be release Office for OSX, Apple needs to keep Microsoft on friendly terms in order to get more users on board with their new operating system.

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