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Tuesday, January 22, 8:00 PM EST

Big phat ipod comming your way

With all the chatter over the new G4 speeds, the Mac public overlooked the release of new drives from Toshiba. The new 10Gb and 20Gb tiny Hard Drives (to be released February and March respectively) are a giant leap in storage technology. These new drives open up the posibility of all the rumored digital devices that have been on the MacWeb for the past year or so. As for the ipod, lets remember that the device looks like it can handle more than it is marketed as being able to. What if you were to use the ipod as a portable movie editing device. Plug it into your TiBook and open imovie 2 or FinalCut 3 and use the scroll wheel (that so many of you like) to forward and reverse movies that you want to edit while you are on the fly. Lets face it the ipod with its scroll wheel looks like a professional video editing device like you would see in a professional video editors office. Besides scrolling though menus and commands on the ipod screen you could be using that wheel to manipulate movies and get the real experience, while say on a plane or train. Also, say you needed to trasnfer that movie really quickly, or say pass it on to the boss for the afternoon, put it on your ipod (which has a 20Gig drive now) and let him view it on his Mac, where ever he wants. You could carry multiple clips on the ipod, ready for editing or viewing where ever you are. We are not speculating that the ipod will contain a color high res screen anytime soon, but that the device just seems suited for portable quick video (prefessional video) editing. Once an improved ipodOS is developed, Apple should be able to release ipod2, the multimedia editor. As for a revision of the ipod, don't hold your breath. Those new drives are going to be a bit expensive at first and Apple is already doing very well with the current ipod. So as the saying goes, if it iaint broke, don't fix it. What do you think?

G4 rumored release?

So the day came and passed and there was no release, yet almost every rumor site claimed that "THEIR insider sources" told them that today was the day the GHz barrier would be broken. If you think about it, sound like a plot by Apple to root out insider sources to try and tighten up security. There was no release today but everyone was talking about it for the last 4 days. If Apple really wanted to see if there was an insider leaking all of their information, this seems like a pretty lame plot to go through. Everyone is expecting a new G4 any day now so it would seem futile to use this as a plot. However there was no release today (well not as of yet). Seems like either Apple is trying to weed out the insider or playing a joke on the rumor sites. What do you think?

Remember that the G4 is still cool?

Well we had to follow up our original headline (didn't wanna leave ya hangin..) about the current G4 still being a cool machine. Well take a look at this link and tell us what you think.. we had fun reading the highly uninformed negative remarks that people left. Take a look at the negative remarks and email us your thoughts. We would love to hear them. In our books the PowerMac is still the king of the professional jungle. The best machine by far even if a person doesn't like MacOS.

What do you think?

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