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Thursday, January 3, 10:00 AM EST

Get beyond or get bent

Apple to release new self contained nuclear hovering imac.
How is that for a headline? Apple with its billions of dollars and its well trained marketing team think they are soooo smart. There is nothing that is beyond a rumor site and that is the bottom line. In case you do not know what we are ranting about here, yesterday, Apple's home page had an image that said that MACWORLD was going to be beyond the rumor sites, way beyond. The hype that they are producing for their own show is going far and beyond what Apple is known for. Apple's web site is saying that everyone will be blown away. Unless only Steve and a few top executives are privy to the information that will make this MACWORLD a legendary one, the announcement should have been leaked or will be leaked at any moment now. But it hasn't and this is what interests everybody.
Hold on for a few more minutes...
Does all this sound familiar? Didn't Apple get in a whole heap of legal trouble when they over hyped the cube. We remember angry shareholders. Apple must really believe that their announcement is HUGE or else they are in for a rocky week. Could it be that this is what they are excited about. More later...

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