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Saturday, January 5, 1:00 AM EST

OK, no fooling around, lets get to it.


Good for them. They may have gone a bit overboard on this but all in all, good for them. They have produced such a kink in the Mac world in the last few days that they should be commended for their effort. Weather or not they are true to their word, or if what they are saying is true, we don't know. However, they are doing what the Mac rumor world needed. They are giving it a big kick in the ass. However, they may be betting their entire reputation (and finances) on it. Spymac has removed all media relating to the iwalk from their site, stating legal pressures. The same pictures can be found on various sites on the web and in a recent wired article. We managed to grab a few of them before they were pulled. You can take a look at those here We also included a link to the videos that still worked as of publish time.
What people think of these pictures and videos is that they are fake. Some people believe they are of a prototype digital device in early development. Some believe they are completely fake mockups produced by the publishers of this site and aparently the co-owner of Spymac.com. Appleturns.com has a full run down of this story. The main part here is that this guy is good at mochups. take a look at some of his work here This would explain the differences in the initial picture of the iwalk (admitedly a mochup) and the new pics. Is he as good with physical mochups as he is with digital ones? You decide (NOTE: Picture taken from wired.com).

What do you think?

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