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Sunday, January 6, 4:30 PM EST

Dr. Steve is doing bad things to my brain!

GIGAWIRE... global broad band? satelite sservice for mac users? is gigawire a local wireless protocol or system to allow high bandwidth wireless data transfer between say a flat panel tablet and its base station in another room. Is this the idock we keep hearing about. What about the new viewsonic airpanel that microsoft is planing on releasing on tuesday at the cnes conference. that is supposed to allow wireless bandwidth between screen and computer so fat that it can apparently stream DVD video in a wireless fashion. We didn't know this was possible yet. What do you think GIGAWIRE is?


This is apparently an incorrect rumor according to insanely-great mac. They state that unless the imac goes G4, there is no way that this could be true due to the fact that G3 processors can not do dual processors. The rumor is based on a story found on Silicon Strategies home page. Silicon Strategies does not say much on the DP rumor but mainly focuses its time on the LCD part of the incomming imac. Which may be a good indication that this is a false rumor as they seem to not have much information to back it up. Where these non-Mac sites get their information is questionalble. If you remeber back a few months it was such sites as wired slashdot and even cnn.com which caused an uproar by getting their information from rumor sites. Rumor sites do not count as good research unless you are researching rumors.


What is the idock? No one really knows but many want to speculate on it. Some think it is an actual dock for laptops, something Apple hasn't produced in a long time. If it is a dock, then there will be alot of angry ibook and Tibook owners as they will not be able to use it unless they buy a new one (which would have to be updated tomorrow). Therefor, this does not seem to be a very good explanation. Another idea is that the idock is a portable tablet-like device. It would sit on the base station and when you wanted to move to another part of the house or office you would simply lift off the flat screen monitor and take your computer with you wirelessly. This could be coupled with the Gigawire explanation from above. Another idea is that the idock is a tablet-llike device that connects to the ipod using its internal drive as a storage device. The tablet would have computing power of its own, but could use the ipod as a remote device say when on the road or such. This would answer some of the questions that people have for possible future uses for the ipod. Anyways, a tablet-like computer is already being released on Tuesday by Mr. Gates at the CES. We don't want to get too into this as it was already covered on ATAT. It is not like apple to get scooped on a new device or inovation, so we think that Apple passed on the idea of a tablet LCD to concentrate on other inovations like getting the LCD imac out asap and or imporving OSX to a level where it can be used at a speedy rate. Although it is a great OS it still has a little ways to go.

Anyways, try to get some sleep tonight and stop watching Star Trek movies trying to figure out what it is that Steve is trying to say with all his homepage notes. We are very tired with all the reading and web time we have put in this week trying to keep on top of things. Whatever is released tomorrow you can bet it will be cool and definitely will be mouth watering. Get up tomorrow and get a good seat and try to get a good stream on the web if you are not anywhere near an Apple Store. Those of you in the near Buffalo use this map to try and find the store to watch it on the theatre. For all other Canadians, you will have to grab a stream and try and watch it. Apple may announce their Satellite co-ordinates but dont bet on that. If you miss it, dont fret. Every rumor site will have a wrap up after words. take careDrop us some notes on that one please.

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