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Sunday, January 6, 11:30 PM EST

Talk about cat out of the bag!

Time canada has posted the pictures of the new imac waaaay before Apple wanted them to be posted. This is a major thing to have happen. Apple legal is going to be pissed The pictures are shown below in case they get pulled off of Time Canada before you get a chance to look at them. Take a look and tell us what you think. Looks pretty groovey. Oh yeah the top model has a DVD burner and a G4 processor. Oh this is tooooo much...

The link above to Time is actually to Forked.net now as time has pulled their story. The forked site is lagged (for obvious reasons) so be patient. It will load after a little while and the story is worth it.
TIME_cover_140102.jpg TopPhoto_140102.jpg

The article states that the top model of the imac has a G4 processor and a DVD burner. It also states that iphoto will be released and elaborates on its ease of use for camera operators. Lets face it, an imac with a DVD burner for 1800 (USD) is a great advancement in the computing world. There is no mention of the other models of the imac and what they contain. It is likely they will have G3 processors to keep the prices down. As for the speed of the G4 imac, one can only speculate on that too. We would guess that it is around the range the Tibook is now. That may change tomorrow of course. Jobs states that this computer is the best thing they have ever done. Looks pretty cool on our end. That is all for now but we will post anything that we hear from now on.

Looks like those prices are in Canadian dollars. It wouldn't make sence to raise the price of this machine. However, with the way it looks we are guessing there is going to be a long wait list on orders. The current imacs top out at approx 2200$ canadian. 1800$ USD is about 2700$ canadian and that is a bit too high for the lower end computer. The PowerMac G4 starts at 2600$ canadian. That is a small margine for these two computers who are not supposed to be close in comparison. The ibook starts at 2000. Granted it is not the imac, but after tomorrow it will probably have a few added features.
more to come

What do you think?

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