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Thursday, July 26

So much work, so little sleep.

Our group is working hard to finish the final design of our page and putting it up on the web server. Within a week or so, you should be able to locate our web page at However, due to our hard work, we have not been too keen on updating the actual text on the current page. We did hear a few things since the weekend so we can share those with you.

Who can get a new G4?

Apple seems to want to sell off the remaining G4 machines that they have in stock. They are accomplishing this by making their new machines not readily available. They also have a large shipping time set for their MP 800 G4s. Due to the fact that Apple only produces 14 days of inventory this added to the expected arrival time of late august gives us a time of apprixmatly6-8 weeks before the dual 800MHz machines will be readily available, i.e. right on target.

OS updates

Since 9.2 is not available to anyone unless you buy a new G4 a lot of people are wondering why it was made. As it is only available on new G4 machines, it is said to have hardware updates specific for the new machines. However, why the letter upgrade and not just 9.1 with a special enabler number. Anyways, the new word is that 9.2.1 is soon to be released so people shouldnŐt have much time left to wait.

As for PUMA, that should be released as soon as apple gets all the bugs out of it. There are reports of newer builds than the MWNY version of PUMA (reported on thinksecret). This just shows that Apple is fixing bugs as fast as they can and seeding new releases as fast as they are released.


The rumors are starting again regarding the flat panel imacs. Different sites are giving different details but the main idea is that we should hear something in Paris. Also there is a very interesting article on thin CRT displays that are 2 centimeters think (macrumors). These are apparently being developed by IBM researchers and would definitely make it easier for people to get flat panel monitors, as they are cheap to produce.


This rumor wont go away but that is a good thing. ATAT has a good report on this. We are still treasuring our Newtons today and feel they are better than any of the little metal panels that flood the world today. Keep listening as you may hear something soon.

That is all we know right now. Living in the dark is not easy in this business and news is always around. We will try to keep the page updated this week. Thanks go out to all our loyal viewers who check back with us daily and send us emails with info that they hear. See you soon.

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