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Sunday, March 24, 9:00 PM EST

Just some week late reviews, and happy B-Day OSX

The most significant thing we saw at tokyo was the new ipod and the kewl HDTV. Other than that it was a bust.

A 10 Gig ipod is making the ipod out to be more than just a music player. We suspect Apple will be slowly adding new functions to the ipod in the next few years until it is one of the hottest digital devices on the market. The ipod is already leap years a head of all its compettions and with the addition of the address book, it is starting to get more advanced. We figure the next step will be a 20 Gig drive and video storage capapbilities. Like we stated here before, the ipod looks like it could be a really kewl add on to a Tibook for easy video manipulation. A large storage drive and a scroll wheel will make video producers drool at its ease of use. The price is still a bit high and maybe its downfall as with all advanced Apple products of the past (CUBE!). None the less, stellar piece of equipment.

23" Display.
A high res display is something that should have bene announced a long time ago and should be standard on all displays by now. Apple's LCDs are very high priced and one expects them to be the best. But damn that thing looks pretty.

Another first for Apple? We dont think so. This implementatino is a nice idea but out of reach for alot of people right now. It will be a few years until the technology (if ever) is standard, but kudos to Apple for trying to do to BlueTooth what they did to USB. However there is talk of a new wireless bluetooth mouse being developed by Apple. this may help explain the whole BlueTooth push. Lets wait till MWNY for answers on that one. PC users are happy with serial ports and cables galore, but let us tell you, once you go wireless, you never will want to give it up.

Beer servin G3.
Now this is the best announcement at Tokyo. look.

one last thing to metion is a quick happy Bday to OSX. it turned 1 years old today.

What do you think?

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