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Friday, July 19

Thank God for disappointing Keynotes, we are still in business.

Due to the heavy anti-apple fallout that occurred after the keynote, we decided to stay silent and keep our ears to the ground for a few days and see what bubbled up. What bubbled up is a whole lot of resentment from super Mac heads, disappointment from the Mac users and cheers from the Mac faithful. Analysis of the recent keynote was a difficult task and one that has taken us a few days. All other sites have given a review of what was released, so we decided to report on the reactions from members of the Mac community to as many of the announcements that we could.

Lets start with the imac. The idea of a new enclosure for the imac made everyone crazy with glee that they would see a new cool looking machine that would again set Apple far and above other platforms. The disappointment suffered when the NEW imac was not released cause a massive brain hemorrhage in the waiting Mac heads that they did not notice the new imacs that were released. Besides the old ATI chips in the machines, the new imacs are the fastest imacs ever produced. Although the base imac should come with more ram, the idea of CD-Rs in all models is cool and long overdue.

Does the case matter that much? The machine will function just as fast in the old case than the new one. Just as long as it is stable and does not crash, no one should complain about the shape. LCD monitors would have been fun but people are not hurting because they were not released. The same work will be done on the CRT than the LCD (it just wont look as cool).

Power Macs are next on the list of complaints. The speed is great and the machines are packed full of goodness, especially when you consider the Superdrives in the mid range machine. However, only hours after the release of the machines the apple store is noting up to 7-week shipping times for dual 800 MHz machines. This means that these machines are not actually going to be ready for most people until September. Will the GHz machines be available then, if they are announced then there will probably be long shipping dates on those too. So when Apple says that a product will be available in August they mean late August, early September. With the way these dual processor machines smoke, they will be in high demand come late August. All in all the update was good, and no one really cares about the "NEW" case.

The best thing for most users was the release of PUMA. Well this what we all thought as we pumped our arms in the air and smiled from ear to ear during the demonstration. Then it was announced that it would not be shipping until September. You could hear the groans from the audience up here in Canada. This was disappointing, but when it is released all will be good with the world as it looks very impressive. It was obvious that the demo was inserted into the keynote to try to spice it up a bit so that no one would rush the stage in a fit of rage in response the "overly lame keynote" as one email stated it. As was mentioned in all reports there was no word about the release of 9.2. Of course, this is because it was not released. Reports are surfacing that 9.2 is not going to be available for download at any time. That this release will only be shipping with the new G4 machines and not with the imacs. It looks like we will all have to wait until someone actually gets a machine from Apple. However, this is how it looks like it will shape up. Reports surfaced today that imacs will ship with OS 9.1 and OS X 10.0.3, the G4s will ship with OS 9.2 and OS X 10.0.4. OS 9.2 will be available with OS X 10.1 in September, but not as a standalone product. In addition, it seems the 10.1 update is too large to download and must be obtained via a CD from Apple. This CD is a mere $19.95 to order so there goes your free upgrade. What is going on here?

The software demos were very impressive and that is all we are going to say on that matter, except for the fact that we wish we could do that cool stuff with illustrator too. Idvd looks cool but Superdrives are out of our price range right now so....

The short mention of portables was expected as all portable lines are selling well and the ibook was only released 10 weeks ago. Wait for a speed bump in September and then a change in January. Many people thought that the so-called son of Pismo was going to be released. The fallout over this has not been that severe but, it is still somewhat there, although no one wants to mention it. A speed bump or colors are what most thought they would see.

So that is it for now cause that is way too long as it is. Drop back tomorrow, as we will have more news that is sure to come up regarding announcements in September.

If you have any comments on this story or have any more insights into Apple’s future, please email Special!


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