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Wednesday, November 14

You can thank AppleGossip for Airport 2.0!

10 days ago, a small catastrophe occurred at the AppleGossip home office. We fell victim to the infinite loop restart of our airport base station. Our quick and nimble technical staff soon realized that our base station had a serial number that was in the range of the massive (but silent) Apple recall program. After a 2-hour phone call and a hefty negotiation with the apple tech people that we did not want to be charged for the call, they agreed to replace the station. Being the corporate monster that AppleGossip is, we did not have a proper credit card on hand and thus had to call back with one. 5 days later, we managed to get back in touch with someone who could process our order and voila, we had a new base station on the way. 4 days later it was here and working fine. Yesterday Apple released Airport 2.0. This is not a coincidence. During our long dragged out phone sessions with Apple, we dropped a lot of hints about what we did not like about the current Airport system. 128 bit incription was high on out list as was an extra Ethernet port and little spinney wheels and speed holes (remember speed holes make it go faster). Well the spinney wheels and the speed holes have not materialized, but the other suggestions have. We are not going to say that Apple was able to completely redesign the entire Airport base station and software package in 9 days but stranger things have happened.

Another huge advance in the computing world right now seems to be the release of MacOSX 10.1.1 ( soon to be released). This update seems to deal with a lot of hardware compatibility issues. Maybe an issue with ipod that some people seem to be struggling with. As for us, our ipod has not arrived yet. Either has the money to pay for it but we are hoping VISA will take pity on us and accept our souls as payment for now. We were hoping that this update would fix the problem with itunes on our B&W G3. We have received some mail about this but not a lot. It seems that itunes no longer is able to produce visuals in either large or full screen without being jumpy. The problem seems to arise after the white apple has faded from the screen during visual startup. All visuals (Large and full screen) are smooth until a few seconds after the apple disappears. We hope Apple is working on this problem. As it may only be a small issue but it is REALLY annoying to watch jumpy visuals. As for the rest of OSX 10.1.1, we have noticed some slight increase in speed and stability (not that OSX wasn't rock solid since the 10.1 update). The only restarts seem to be when we update software. If one takes a close look however they will notice that there is STILL NO DVD SUPPORT FOR NON AGP MACS. Not that we a bitter though.

Moving on, we take a look at the initial sales of the ipod. They seem to be flying off the shelves with the same speed as any new Apple product. What this means to us is that as soon as all the loyal Mac fans get one, sales will slow considerably. For all that this small little wonder is for technology, it is still too bloody expensive to be a common item seen in retail public. Not every kid is going to want one, especially when it is not windows compatible (maybe ipod 1.1.1 will be win compatible). The idea of a potable fire-wire drive in the palm of your hand playing mp3s while you go from place to place is not being promoted enough. Of all things to promote Apple should be promoting the aspect that you are not just buying a portable mp3 player but a 5 gig firewire drive too. Are you sick of zip disks and the likes? ipod is definitely the choice for you.

What do you think?

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