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Friday, October 5

Go ahead and laugh, I can stand in line as long as you can keep those doors locked.

Well it is out and everyone seems happy. The weekend release of OSX 10.1 has stirred up yet another wave of praise for Apple's new "futuristic" OS. We here at AppleGossip were giddy with delight (even though we had build 5G64 for days) upon installing the new update. The B&W G3 has been running oh so nice and fast. We played with all the new features until late in the night. Everyone got tired so we decided to try out the most awaited feature and we popped in the matrix DVD. We thought it was very strange that Apple would hide the DVD player deep enough that we had to use Sherlock to find it. But wait, even Sherlock himself couldn't find the elusive DVD player 3.0. Patience was beginning to run thin when a quick look at apple support lead to a document explaining why there was no DVD player. In case you haven't leaned this yet or listened to the screams from outside in the streets, DVD playback is only available on AGP video based computers. This leaves anyone with a computer with PCI based graphics cards unable to play a DVD from within OSX. What did apple support suggest we do? As they are always forthcoming with helpful hints such as "don't do what is causing you the problem", they suggested we boot into OS 9 in order to watch DVDs. If this is not a contradiction to their original idea of a digital hub then what is.
The other major fallout over the long awaited release was the trouble some folks faced when trying to get a copy. Apparently there was a shortage (or a mistake in the estimate of demand) of OSX upgrade CDs at Apple stores throughout the US and in upgrade stores here in Canada. While we were unable to confirm this, as we do not live anywhere near an upgrade-worthy store, the word on the street is ugly. Some people had a good experience and others had a bad one. I think all that wanted, have now gotten their precious upgrade but after waiting for six months, a customer should not have to wait another unnecessary day for an upgrade we are all deserving of. The reviews are mixed on how Apple handled this experimental upgrade process, but most people seem to be please with it.

Suddenly, as OSX PUMA has arrived everyone has turned their attention to hardware rumors once again. As we reported here along time ago, there is a buzzing going on about TiBook upgrades. Everyone has already read somewhere before that there will be a speed bump, DVD/CDRW slot loading drives and more memory (although the new rumor of base 256MEGs does sound promising for a $4000.00 machine). We reported that Apple is increasing the heat sink size to accommodate the excess heat produced by the thin laptop, however we believe that the entire laptop acts as heat sink (being metal and all). This has still not been confirmed but it seems a good bet (hot little suckers). As everyone is looking for a long awaited PowerBook update, suddenly it has been reported that there is now a shortage of ibooks in retail markets. ATAT has a great article on this in detail. Our take on this rumor is that it is false. A shortage could mean anything at this time in the world. Shipping cargo has become a nightmare and as such delays may be occurring throughout the world. Not to put a negative spin on such a fine rumor but, Apple is learning not to put all its eggs in one basket. They would be better off announcing a speed bumped ibook in mid-late November just in time for Christmas which is when they would probably sell a ton of these little cool laptops. The consumer market is booming at Christmas time. The market is slow right now and a revved up PowerBook would probably generate some cash for Apple to carry it though until the new year. What do you think?

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