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Wednesday, October 17

Apple: speed bumped portables with a twist

As we all expected, Apple release updated versions of their portable lines yesterday. The TiBook is updated with a speed bump and more ram and storage, and the ibook was given a speed bump and a base of 128 megs of ram. What does this all mean? Not much but there was also a surprise snuck in the back door.
There was an announcment today with a little less fan fare. Apple finally made available the dual 800 G4 server. There is not much special compared to the desktop version except you get OSX server installed. They have even removed the superdrive and replaced it with a CD-RW.
The new TiBook seems to have recieved the biggest update with more ram, storage and a faster video card. A lot of people are going to be happy with the updated video. Another nice addition was the gigabit ethernet to the TiBook, another first for Apple.
The new ibook has a faster processor and more ram but another big breakthrough is the 100MHz bus speed. This is something that has been needed for a while and we are glad to see it.
The low profile announcement is thought to be well overdue and was supposed to be announced in Paris. Apple does not want to take away from the media buzz that is going on with OSX right now. With these new machines and the memory and storage bumps that came with them, the future is beginning to look normal again for Apple. So what was all this hoopla about modular imacs?
There is still no update on the status of this mythical machine but we here at Applegossip have our fingers crossed that we will see them soon. We are still holding out for modular imacs that can fit a range of different flat screen displays. A new bit of info is that they may also support VGA out so you can have a modular imac with s standard CRT display. This machine is starting to sound like the ill fated cube. There was talk earlier of mixing the best parts of the cube with the new imac. Should Apple be distancing itself from the all-in-one phenonmena that made the imac so popular, or did the cube just cost too much?
What do you think?

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