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Saturday, Sept 1

Yes we are still here!

We are having difficulties publishing lately and should be back up to speed soon. Expect new stories as soon as possible and thank you for your support. Here are a few bits of info to keep you happy for now.
It seems that OSX 10.1 is nearing completion. However, Apple seems to be having trouble getting a working version of the DVD player. Reports say it works better in older builds of the beta than more recent releases. Start up times and program loading are rediculously fast now and the OS is beginning to look like it was originally supposed to.
There is alot of talk about Apple's iphoto in the community. No word lately on Adobe's mental state when it comes to Apple development. We are guessing that the big wigs at Adobe are not too happy with Apples future software plans.
Is Apple about to purchase motorola's semiconductor technilogy and start developing PPC chips themselves? We dont know. If you do, hey tell us would ya. This would be great especially for the rumor pages. Not only could Apple accelerate the develepment of it proccessor technology, but it could also make a fortune and lower prices by cutting out the middle man, however, we believe Apple will choose to make millions over lowering prices.
Intel is backpedeling after years of pumping MHz as the speed indicator for computers, stating now that "in the future people will care less about MHz and more about overall performance". Intel seems to be stealing Apples business plans for the last 5 years. After detroying the PC market with inflated processor speeds, it takes alot of balls to come back and change face like this. ATAT has a great story on all of this. It was published on August 30th.
There also seems to be alot of distrust of Apple big wigs by the mac community lately. 99% of the people we spoke with stated that they do not believe that Apple will NOT release new hardware and that the statement issued earlier from Apple's CEO that there would be no NEW hardware releases in september is misleading. Most expect an update to the Titanium PowerBook. It looks like the TiBook will contain at the least a combo DVD/CDRW drive, a speed bump up to 766 MHz, and other small inprovements to the case and memory upgrades. We are still holding out a vigil for the flatscreen imac (it could happen).
Microsoft seems to be doing their part. They have yet to push back the release date for Office X. That is all we can expect from them. As for us, we are trying to work out our problems and hope to be publishing daily again soon. Thaks again to those loyal viewers who return everyday, we know who you are, and keep those letters comming, we find them very interesting.

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