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Thursday, September 13

If NEC can do it, why can't Apple

Where is the new imac? Who knows? Is Apple going to be left behind on this one? Will they be the last to release an all in one LCD desktop computer? has posted a story about NEC's new all in one LCD computer. We all have to be wondering what is happening with the production of the LCD imac. Whispers from the hardware testing circle say that it is being introduced to testers but this is unconfirmed. We have not heard a peep about this machine in a long time. A lot of mail that is coming to us asks if we know when this will be announced. The rumor on the street is that it will be in November. This will make it a great Christmas gift, as the timing will be perfect. Apple is hoping to cash in on the success and press that will accompany its release of a stable and fast version of OSX 10.1. A brand new LCD imac that runs this new "Hot" operating system will be on many Christmas lists this year (including ours). Apple is expecting to make the new imac more than just a home consumer machine, as with the release of OSX, they can now open it up to businesses. With the increased amounts of cubical farm like work areas and the ever-increasing cost of real estate in larger cities, businesses are investing in smaller work areas and LCD screens. Apple wants to tap into this market with a cheap LCD all in one computer that has many of the features of a UNIX based system. It looks like it may be an imac Christmas for many this year.

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