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Monday, September 24

Look at us, we are publishing once again!!!

As we have spent much of the last two weeks trying to download the latest build of OSX using the now bankrupt hotline, the world has seemed to pass on by without us watching. Since the release of OSX is going to be tomorrow (many sources from many different sites including our own have stated this), we have stopped dealing with the ugly side of the net (hotline server admins) and got back to business before our daily hits go into the negatives. Hotline Communications has gone out of business but who cares as long as the old versions still work. This was a blow to us as long time hotline users. Being Canadian it is also another blow to our Canadian pride as a Canadian company goes bankrupt. We thought hotline was cool. It is a shame to see it go. As for Seybold tomorrow, this is what we think is going to happen. First off, we are hoping that Steve shows up cause nothing would make that event better than a visit from papa Steve. Second, OSX will be the star of the show. There should be plenty of apps shown and we are guessing, a lot of rehashing from MWNY. The DVD player should not crash and hopefully there will be a working digital camera. From our experience with the beta builds (all the way up to 5G64) expect a nice stable OS that is much speedier than The hardware release will be focused on the TiBook. This should be a regular speed bump however, sources are saying that these new, faster TiBooks will have new slot loading DVD/CDRW drives. Although this has been reported constantly on other rumor pages, we actually have had someone close to Apple write in and tell us that this is true ( a rare event for AppleGossip). This is what most people have been wanting with the TiBook and with the many clues such as the discontinuation of the free external burner contest in late August, we are sure that Apple will deliver on this. As for including a SuperDrive in this package, although this would make sense, we don't believe there is a SuperDrive out there that is slim enough to fit in the TiBook. We have had a number of tips stating that apple is planning to do something about the heat problem associated with Titanium G4 PowerBooks when it unveils non-NEW hardware tomorrow. As many of you have noticed, your lap gets very hot when you have a TiBook on it. Apple plans to approach this problem by increasing the size of the heat sink within the PowerBook to help dissipate the large amount of heat generated by this machine. Should be a fun time tomorrow. See you all back here tomorrow night for a wrap up of the days events. In closing for today we would again like to apologize for not publishing on time (or at all) in the last few weeks. Things have been hectic so please bear with us. We would like to extend our thanks to faithful viewers who come to our site daily even when there is nothing new to see.

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