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Friday, September 7

Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, speed of the PUMA?

With Apple's pending release of OS 10.1 codename PUMA toting to be the be all and end all of the computing industry, This month may be one of the most exciting in regards to this OS since its initial release in March. Of course the only thing that could actually sink Apple's ship now may be it closest partner and ally, Motorola.

As stated on ATAT, Motorola has cut approximately a billion jobs in the last year. This means that Apple will again have to play the waiting game for new processors and lose a lot of revenue in the process. So no matter how fast the PUMA is, if it cant outrun the dark shadow that is falling over the tech industry, Apple may have to re-investigate the cross platform capability that was once seen in rhapsody (god save us all).

We don't want to sound too negative about all of this. Please do not send us anymore nasty email. We just want to state what we are all thinking. However, one can ignore all of this and just look at the MOSR pics and get ready for a crazy cool OS that will rock you mind. Look at the infamous pics here. Now, lets talk about the pending hardware release of this month. They're are more than a few rumors including our personal favorite, iPDA. However, we won't talk about that now. The first is the update to the TiBook. This looks like it may happen. The evidence is slapping us in the face as we speak. First Apple cuts short its promo for free CD-RW drives for all new TiBook owners. Then is slashes prices in a blatant attempt to reduce warehouse stock, which is apparently running at about 4 weeks, and if one does the math, you will see where we are going with this. Next Apple practically gives away the remaining TiBook to it staff in its so called QPromo (first seen on The prices for this are double the discount announced last week. So with absolutely, positively no 400 or 500 MHz TiBooks left in mid to late September, then it just seems obvious to us that there will be something new. The most obvious is a slot loading DVD/CDRW. A speed bump will have to be announced in order to move the lagging TiBook ahead of the much cheaper but not much slower ibook. As for anything else, you guess is as good as ours.

Dual G4 server anyone. These monster machines will rock the PC world once they are released. With OSX server running as smooth as ever and these beast machines overdoing it on performance, the future of server capability at apple is looking bright. In addition, the inclusion of raid software capability with the new builds of OSX is another dead giveaway. Not so much for the home user, but as the server market increases and companies get more and more power hungry, you can imagine the demand there is going to be for these machines. But wait, are they really coming? ATAT doesn't think so. According to ATAT on Sept 7, Apple silently released an update to on of its G4 towers that ships with OS X server. This is not the rack-mounted server we all hoped for, but if you have the money, knock your selves out and send us your old machine.

So boys and girls, hold on tight, everyone strapped in tight, this is going to be a bumpy road. Thanks again Steve for all the clarity.

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