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Saturday, June 8, 8:00 PM EST

Who Says Pirates Get it for Free?

Office users everywhere are upset with the latest Office patch released by Microsoft. The complaints are comming from pirates and legitimate owners. The pirates all seem to have similar complaints in the form of not having a legitimate serial number. Pirates are snickering at Microsoft for blacklisting their serials and forcing them to come up with more inteligent ways to steal the software. There are plenty of jokes and many people are laughing. However, people who actually bought the software and have a real serial number are not joining in with the laughter. Some folks claim that their software installed and updated just fine. others say that the install was a nightmare. The main issue is the installer asking for the user to input the serial number that came with the CD. This is not that annoying just inconvenient for people who are updating on the road (something that is not recommended anyways). However, people with bought software who insert their numbers are finding that their purchased numbers are not working and after contacting Microsoft they are informed that they will have to pay a $10USD charge to have their old number destroyed and a new one issued. This is a pill that any software user can not swallow especially when you have a coporate version that does not even have a serial but the update still asks for it. Monopoly seems to be rearing its ugly head once again in Washington. To make things worse, the update, itself toted as a major bug fixer, is full of bugs. One being the asking for serial numbers of legitimate copies, and others such as crashing programs and corrupt frameworks. The word on the street is that there will actually be an update for the update released very soon to deal with the corporate version problems and some other unseen bugs.

What do you think?

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