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Thursday, October 25

Apple introduces the ipod, the upper class rejoices.

Yesterday Apple released the ipod, their futuristic, small, stylish mp3 player. The only problem seems to be the price. The little machine is packed full of ease of use and stylish exterior and ground breaking technology, but is it only for those with deep pockets? Read More

Wednesday, October 17

Apple: speed bumped portables with a twist

As we all expected, Apple release updated versions of their portable lines yesterday. The TiBook is updated with a speed bump and more ram and storage, and the ibook was given a speed bump and a base of 128 megs of ram. What does this all mean? Not much but there was also a surprise snuck in the back door. Read More

Thursday, October 11

AMD joins the fight against EVIL

Yesterday, AMD announced a bold new strategy to try and educate the public on the dangers of shopping for size and not quality. Apple's footsteps are getting crowded what with DELL, Sony and now AMD all doing what Apple did first, wait is there room for Intel in there anywhere Read More

Friday, October 5

Go ahead and laugh, I can stand in line as long as you can keep those doors locked.

Well it is out and everyone seems happy. The weekend release of OSX 10.1 has stirred up yet another wave of praise for Apple's new "futuristic" OS. Read More

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