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Friday, August 3

What is new in the mac world today?

Nothing. That is right folks, since the fatal MWNY the rumors have been pretty quiet. Rumor sites are scrambling to come up with interesting stories that will keep you coming back day after day. Some resort to stating the obvious and other Make up stuff. Those that have some journalistic integrity are not publishing regularly as there is nothing worthwhile (or truthful) to say right now.

As for us, well we try our best and do what we can. Since we are Canadian, there is not much happening on the AppleStore front as there are none in Canada right now. There are also none planned for Canada right now (please correct us if we are wrong here). Also, there is nothing else that can be said about flat panel imacs that has not already been said. September seems like the time that most people are now saying that apple will release the mystical new imac. Others think it is better for Apple to release it in time for Christmas or in the new year. Macosrumors has the line on a source that says that Apple is getting ready to release the imac in time for the holiday season in November or December. However, late September is the best time to release a product for Christmas. Think about it.

10.1 seems to be the best place right now to focus our attention. This is going to be a great upgrade. Fast and reliable with DVD playback and a slew of bug fixes and add-ons. With the release of all the new upcoming software and games just in time for the new imac and 10.1 the fall should be an interesting time.

Our G4 867 is on its way right now, (estimated shipping of about 3 weeks) and we are stoked for its arrival and the arrival of OSX 10.1. When we get our hands on the new machine, who knows what we will come up with.

We would like to take the time now to thank our loyal readers out there who come back daily to read what we have to offer. We have broken 1000 daily readers now and the number is growing very fast. All the emails of info from viewers have helped up confirm many of our stories. If you have any advice or info or just want to say hi, please drop us a line. We love to hear from our readers. We are interested in what you have to say. Anything you think that may be happening please feel free to drop it on us at any time. The address is at the bottom of the page. Other than that, we are tapped out here. Good luck to all those in Texas with the new store..


Monday, July 30

Ugly rumors raise their ugly heads.

Recent reports say that the LCD imac rumor "JUST WONT GO AWAY!". We here do not think this is a bad thing. Where would we be without our daily rumors to spark our work sogged brains back into reality. Macinstein has an article on this and other long running imac rumors. We here are more interested in the release of Airport2. This is very interesting as Airport2 is supposed to provide siginificant speed increases. Lets face it, a new imac would be beyond groovey, but it would still contain the same guts as the old one. The time for exitement is when the G4 imacs are released and January sounds like a good place to start.
The most interesting updates from apple are the ones that offer increased speed and or performance. With 5x the speed and double the range, Airport2 will rock the mac world for at least a few weeks.
One can expect that the new imac, when it is released, will send a shockwave throught the computer industry that will light up Apple like a beacon in the night. Until someone gets the real heads up on when either of these two hardware upgrades will be released everyone will focus on MW Paris, or Seybold SF. As soon as OSX 10.1 is released then get ready for a major hardware release.
More to come later.

Thursday, July 26

So much work, so little sleep.

Our group is working hard to finish the final design of our page and putting it up on the web server. Within a week or so, you should be able to locate our web page at However, due to our hard work, we have not been too keen on updating the actual text on the current page. We did hear a few things since the weekend so we can share those with you. Click here to read the story.

Friday, July 19

Thank God for disappointing Keynotes, we are still in business.

With no real releases at the Keynote, we are free to scroung up new rumors for your bleeding hearts. We have posted our take on MWNY and it is hopefully different from eveyone elses. We decided to focus on the fallout that occured after the keynote rather than what all of you watched already. Click here to read the story. We hope you enjoy it. Try not to lose faith in the rumor mills, what would you do at work all day.....

Thusrday, July 18

The fallout is overwhelming and we are not even there..

The fall out from this years MacWorld Expo is starting to get ugly. With all the hype surrounding this event in the last 2 weeks, mac users virtually snapped when Apple announced (or not announced) their big new hardware. We have heard ugly stories from the floor of the expo and from regular reports that people are extremely pissed at Apple's attempt at the Keynote. Our mail boxes have been flooded with angry screams and electronic verbal abuse (but it is not our fault). So we have held off on a story as everone else seems to have the rap up under control. However we are working on a report that deals with customer anger and Apple's remorse. So please stop by later today and we will try not to dissappoint you any more than you felt yesterday. If you have anything you want to say or "vent" please drop us a line and we will post the best ones. Mail them to

Wednesday, July 17

New G4 Pics are up again. check them out

This is just new to us here. A new "SPY" picture of a G4 has appeared on macrumors and the regular spy networks. Get a look at this before it is gone. Go tell your friends as this may not be here for long. Looks pretty cool but not extremely cool if you know what we mean. Click here to get a look at it. We zoomed in on it for a better look as it is a small picture. We were still holding on for the imbedded handle version but this prototype will be a different change. It sure looks metally though doesnÍt it? Check out the enlarged speaker on the front and the slim lined case. It seems to be a flattened version of the original G4 case made of a different material and not a bulbous as the old one. The big rivets on the side are interesting though. However, the more we look at this picture the more it looks fake. First off what a cheesy room to hold one of the most advanced computers in the world. You would think that a high tech tester would have better taste than that. Also, if you look close at the top corner of the picture at the end of the url that is listed with it, you will see the phrase "Daily Gimmic". This pretty much says it all. There also seems to be some weird shadowing behind the case but that could be from lights on the left side wall that we canÍt see. Also, there are no drive bays (or they are well hidden) for cdroms and such. This is either a fake or a hardware testing box, i.e. has new guts in it and the case is well, just a case for the guts. Dont take it personally, there are only 9 hours or so to go so we wonÍt be going to crazy on this picture but why would you make a fake this late. Use your powers for good.
With only hours to go, we are not sleeping how about you.

Tuesday, July 16

The wolves are circling and looking for scraps, check your nerves and keep all limbs inside the vehicle.

One day and we are home free, but only some of us will survive the trip. The pre-MacWorld feeding frenzy has begun and switched immediately to high gear. If you look at all the Mac web today, most have long winded rehashed of what we already know. MOSR however as usual has some new tidbits and tickled our minds a bit too. What is it that we are to think amongst the immense cloud of secrecy that is shadowing the upcoming MWNY? A scour of the web has produced nothing. Our sources are dried up however they are saying that certain hardware models are no longer available for purchase or have long wait periods for shipping placed on them (more on that later). Our small group of Mac enthusiasts sat around today and pondered just what we could tell our (ever increasing) reader base today. A rehash has been done to death. Stating the obvious is not a wise choice either. Therefore, we decided to look deep within ourselves and find something that would shake the tree that is the Mac web rumor ring.

Mystery Machine

One of the ideas that we like around here is the hand held PDA. A recent report states that the new imac will contain an extended keyboard to support a dock for the new Newton like handheld. This device can be used as a message input pad or like a Wacom tablet (insert drool here) to help with design in CAD type projects. This rumor is way out of the park but it is interesting. If you remember a while back, Wacom announced that their drivers for OSX would be delayed. Maybe Apple is asking them to hold off on their release or is it that Apple has them producing drivers for a new tablet type device such as the one discussed above. This is what is published on Wacoms support site:

Q: When will Wacom release a driver for OS X?
A: Wacom and Apple are working closely together to deliver the best tablet solution at the soonest possible time. Unfortunately, the release of a final solution was delayed beyond the original target date (June 2001). Wacom is honoring Apple's standing policy to not provide public comment on future technologies and will provide additional information as soon as a tablet solution is publicly available.

It is this final statement that has us all wonderingƒ..


Same old same old blah blah blah. You have read it before so it will not be rehashed here. However, a new idea has surfaced ( Apple will release the LCD imacs as high-end (Special Edition) alternatives to the low-end regular cased imacs that we all know well. As a replacement for the ill fated cube maybe? There needs to be a ñSpecialî mid ranged computer as the cube was and maybe a sleek LCD imac may be the one that fits this hole in AppleÍs niche.


Nothing new here. Although we are imagining the new case to have imbedded handles (like bars instead of corners) while still maintaining a rectangular shape. There would be divits beneath the bars so you could insert your hands to grap the bar. Sort of like the handle on a battering ram. A smaller size doesnÍt make sense since customers are already complaining that they cant upgrade the computer enough due to limited internal space. However, slimmer may happen (drive size). Metal would be cool too.


Son of Pismo may be the same type of idea as the high-end imac (the special edition with a flat panel). A larger 14î screen may make up the high-end model and leave the recently released ibook as the lower end models. A speed bump and the usual goodies may accompany it also. As long as there is a G4 in the TiPB there should be a significant enough difference in the two machines to warrant some sort of price difference.


Expect PUMA (please God donÍt let us be wrong). This much needed update should make what is supposed to be a major HYPE session for OSX a success. The idea of a 10.05 update is heartbreaking to all those who are sticking with OSX right now despite its slow performance (we still find it just cool to use). The enhancements that PUMA is promising are very cool and having to wait until September is just unacceptable. 9.2 is a given and is much needed for classic compatibility updates. The idea of itunes having a graphic equalizer (as reported by MOSR today) is pretty cool to us.

Anyways that is enough reading for today. We are just waiting until tomorrow morning (as it is already Tuesday in our end of the world). So check you nerves and try not to swallow to much hullabaloo, it is going to be a hell of a ride tomorrow.

Sunday, July 15

Have Photoshop will dream........

Macrumors has posted a new imac concept picture. This one is somewhat bland. What do you think? Email us and let us know. We are in the process of putting together a viewer feedback section. As for the picture, you can find it here. This picture seems not to have had much thought put into it. Looks more like a marsh mellow than a powerful desktop computer. Again, this is not what we hope is going to be announced next week but let em dream.

Saturday, July 14

Get ready to have the FUD kicked out of youƒ

With Apple legal strong-arming half the web to remove pictures that most people are calling fake and the hush hush of information on all new Apple hardware models, one has to wonder if Mr. Jobs is trying to hide something or installing his newest version of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) into the Mac rumor web. Couple this with numerous reports of hardware being EOF and or long shipping times (see new ibook) and all the rumors of LCD imacs not making it to MacWorld, you should not feel ashamed if you are a bit FUDed up. With the lack of sufficient rumors for one to snack on this year, Mac heads are willing to believe just about anything at this point. Never before has a MacWorld been shrouded in such secrecy. However, if one ignores all the excess doubt and focuses in on what has been said for the past 3 months the real story will prevail. LCD imacs will be announced. I know we reported that maybe they wouldnÍt and that a flat screen CRT would take its place, but we have been scorched over that already and this is what caused us to get control of our wandering minds and take a look at the big picture. Our sources are and have always said that the LCD imac is going to be released next week at MacWorld (if they are not we are up the creek as far a insider information goesƒƒ.). It is the right time and the right place for such an announcement. Panasonic has produced one, why cant Apple?

New ibook?

This rumor has thrown everyone for a loop and not many people are paying much attention to it. A 14î ibook is just not a good idea when you are trying to sell a much more expensive metal bigger brother with a similar sized screen. I know that everyone will love for a new screen size to be announced but if you clam down and think about it again, 10 weeks is not a long time to have model released before it is replaced. However recent reports that Apple has placed long shipping times on the new ibook has sparked yet more rumors that a new ibook (aka son of Pismo) will be announced. If apple updates all 4 corners of the apple customer approach scheme then there will be a lot of stunned people in the audience after all the smoke has cleared. It is not a likely release at this time. Probably in September, if you remember the ibook is usually updated in off peak times. One might see a price drop and the addition of a CD/RW in all models and maybe a speed bump. Other then that, put your excitement back in your pants and focus on what is more likely to happen next week. Are we wrongƒƒƒ.probably?

Thursday, July 12

New G4 Picture a dud?

Go2mac has published a story saying that the most recent picture of Titan is possibly a dud. Lets wait and see what happens in the next few days. IT should be a rocky week for leaks from Apple. Someone will have to spill the beans sooner or later. Keep your ears peeled......

Thursday, July 12

There is a mole in the warehouse but who is to be believed?

Whoa!! The fallout from the Spy G4 Pics was tremendous but no nasty messages appeared from Apple to our mailboxes. Guess we are too small to make Apple worry. That may be the case or maybe it was the fact that the pictures are placed everywhere now on the web and silencing one would not solve the problem. There is a great wrap up on MOSR.

However, since this time has posted yet another picture of the elusive ñtitanî tower. As for us, we are still chugging along but the word on the street is tight lipped right now at least as far as our few snitches go. However, we managed to scrounge up a few things for you today.

Firstly, the ñG4 processors in the new imacsî rumor seems unlikely. Just seems like too much competition for the PowerMac G4 towers. LCD screens also seem unlikely, and a larger flat screen CRT seems more likely. However, rumor mongers seem set on LCD screens, letÍs hope they are right.

Dual G4 PowerBooks seem like a good bet. Actual speeds seem likely to be in the 600 MHz range. As for colored cases, this may cause a cost that Apple is not ready to take on, as sales of the current model are strong.

Son of Pismo is a rumor that is being handled very gently. There does not seem to be much speculation on this right now. Different colors and larger screens are what some are saying. Others seem to think they will have g4 processors, However, that is again not likely due to the similarities in the PowerBook and ibook speeds and massive differences in their prices. It seems a bit early for a new release for the ibook right now and Apple may be holding off until later this year. Unless a huge speed bump is in order for the PowerBooks or they are all coming in dual G4 processor configurations, it does not seem to be good business sense to remove a product with sales as successful as the new ibook this early after its release and up its production price right now. As the saying goes, if it isnÍt broken donÍt fix it. More to come as the countdown begins to MacWorldƒƒ

Tuesday, July 10

New PowerMac G4 Pics posted......real or fake?

Today posted suposed pictures of the new G4 Tower. These pictures are since gone from their site so we have decided to post them for all to see. Follow this link here

Monday, July 9

imac-the affordable supercomputer?

The imac has lost much of its initial momentum that was based on good looks and affordability. How is Apple going to market the imac in this day and age? Looks do not seem to cut it any more so there is only one answer, SPEED. How else is Apple going to market the imac except to make it ultimately faster than its pc counterparts? There is only one way to do this, and that is to replace the G3 processor with a G4.

ThatÍs right, no more G3 processors in desktop computers. This makes sense if you think about it for a second. The G3 has been around for a long time and even though it still has a lot of life left in it, its marketing value has dropped significantly since the release of the G4. The sales of the imac will skyrocket with the implanting of G4 processors in them.

What about the professional models? If one puts the high-end processor in the low-end computer are you not just hurting your own sales? I do not think this is true. Make way for dual G4 professional models. Recent reports state that there have been sightings of dual G4 PowerBooks and multiprocessor power Mac towers have been around for a while. The best way for Apple to win the so-called megahertz battle is to do it with dual processors. More is always better. This will also set the stage for the release of the much-anticipated G5 sometime next year as the transition will be half over.

If all pro models are sporting multi processors and all the low-end consumer models have the much-publicized super computing processor, then Apple canÍt miss. There are plenty of lower speed G4 chips available and with increased yields of the higher speed processors, Apple can actually pull this off and reclaim more of the market share without looking foolish next to huge backorder lists.

What does this say for the flat screen rumors and all? Well I wouldnÍt rule it out but cost wise I think this is a more feasible alternative. The flat screen is an expensive option to have at this time. However Apple may have a reserve of these and may have a way of producing the 15-inch cheaply. There is no way we will see both the G4 and the LCD screen in the imac, it is just not realistic with the price of both of theses components right now.

Friday, July 6

Will Apple trade performance for clock speed?

With the recent release of IntelÍs P4 at clock speeds of 1.8GHz people are beginning to wonder if Apple will fall too far behind in the clock speed race and suffer slowed sales as a result. It is well known that the Pentium 4 pretty much sold its soul for clock speeds needed to boost sales.

Generally sales would increase if customer perception of a faster chip were there, as consumers tend to think that clock speed is what judges the speed of a processor. However, a trade in performance to accommodate a faster clock speed may not be what is best for Apple right now.

AppleÍs core users are what keep Apple financially afloat and these users rely on performance and not clock speed numbers to sway their buying decisions. Keep them happy and others will follow. However, the almighty buck might sway AppleÍs decision if they need a boost in sales in the near future to survive the financial fallout due in part to clock speed based sales.

Thursday, July 5

Apple cuts cube from team

Apple has officially announced that it will no longer be producing the Power Mac G4 cube. Although several reports state that this may not be the last show for the cube it seems that non-expandability, marketability and high price has caused the demise of this award-winning computer. Apple states that more people are buying the more powerful G4 Tower instead of the cube.

It is hard to provide an ñin betweenî computer when Apple has such a powerful lineup already. However, I also believe that this computer will be seen again as it is just such a good idea. When it first came out we all had dreams of rooms stacked with cubes running in parallel as one giant computer. It is sad to see it go but those who have one are happy with their purchases.

Wednesday, July 4

Tablet display imac soon to be?

Recent reports regarding the production of an imac with a wireless, removable display have people in all areas of technology saying wow. The idea of being able to pick up your flat screen off of a base and carry it anywhere in your house without taking a performance hit is something that a lot of people in both commercial and consumer settings could benefit from greatly. Portability in an office environment or in a university setting could make life easier for all if one could record into the tablet or retrieve information quickly and easily using the screen as a tablet type input device and not have to be tied to a desktop all the time.
The advent of such a desktop computer however is farther off than one thinks. Even with wireless technologies at the speeds they are now there is no plausible way that a wireless connection could be maintained at to support the throughput needed between a detached monitor and a ñbase stationî imac, at least not at a reasonable price in order to be considered for the consumer market.
Although this technology may be far off it is this kind of thinking that has always been what has made apple the alternative choice for millions. With the upcoming MacWorld setting to be one of the most significant in years one has to wonder what tricks apple is set to unleash on the public to try and regain more of the PC market.

Monday, July 2

Should Apple be holding off on an Intel port for OSX?

Recent reports have stated that Apple has stopped all development of a WINtel port of OSX due to fears of causing a drop off of hardware sales and backlash that may come from Microsoft. Letters that have been recently written to me suggest a huge demand from Windows/Unix users who are drooling over the advanced operating system.
Their take on it is that the hit on hardware sales would only be temporary. The thought is that once they have the futuristic operating system and learn that Apple is not to be feared and is not inferior as is the common thought in the Windows world, then people would start to use OSX more. When it became time to upgrade their computers those that prefer OSX would upgrade to a Mac as OSX would tend to perform better on a PowerPC than on an Intel based machine. However as it seems with most public companies, now is more important than then. In Apples current state in the financial market, it needs to satisfy its shareholders now rather than give them more promises of a brighter future. As for Microsoft, Apple would be wise not to upset the software giant. With all the recent work performed by Microsoft on Apple Specific products, namely Office and the soon to be release Office for OSX, Apple needs to keep Microsoft on friendly terms in order to get more users on board with their new operating system.

If you have any comments on this story or have any more insights into Apple’s future, please email
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