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Friday, December 21, 5:00 PM EST

All new Macs Airport ready?

Will all the new imacs come with airport cards installed? Word is that they will... Read More

DVD Avenue

Thursday, December 20, 8:30 PM EST

We will learn you yet.

Is Apple shooting itself in the foot with all this hype surrounding MacWorld? Read More

Wednesday, December 19, 8:30 PM EST

Why update the PowerBooks now?

Since last weeks update of the PowerBook line, confusion has increased in the AppleGossip mainstream. With all the hype surrounding the new imac and the new G4 (G5?) processors and the extra long keynote speach, an update of this sort was not expected by the masses. We have some insight into why this announcement was made. Read More

Wednesday, December 12, 9:30 PM EST

Apple moves keynote up a day to silence rumors

There is news today on Maccentral that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has moved his MacWorld keynote speach to Monday, a day earlier than previously scheduled. It should be also noted that the keynote has been extended by one hour from 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length. What does this mean, a whole lot of new rumors. Immediately the word on the street has become electrified with ideas of multiple product releases. Is there enough new hardware to warrent and extra hour of time, or are we in for a long presentation of the many flavors of ipod? Only time will tell however, everyone in the industry is pondering the same questions. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying that Apple is working hard to make this MacWorld the most exciting ever. After the mundane keynote that he deliverred in July, Mac enthusiusts everywhere are expecting something big this time around. Some sources are stating that the earlier keynote time is not that there is more hardware to announce but is in fact to make sure that the announcements stay quiet until they are announced. Apple has lost many surprises in the past to prying eyes as they have had to set up their booths before the keynote and word has got out about their new releases. With the keynote being performed before the show floors open, Apple can avoid this problem and keep everything quiet until the cat is out of the bag.

Monday, December 10, 11:05 PM EST

WE WON WE WON WE WON!!! Oh wait is that list upside down?

Well the results are out and you can view them here. We would like to thank everyone who voted either for us or against us as the exposure was great. This survey was not a test but a popularity contest for all the sites that did not make it on the BOTMW survey a few weeks ago. If you rated our site poorly we would LOVE to hear what you didnt like. As we are a small operation, exposure is hard to come by and we would like to thank LEM for providing us with this chance. Read More

Saturday, December 8, 12:30 AM EST

And the winner is...

This is a reminder to all our loyal readers to place your vote for us on the rest of the mac web survey on Lowendmac.com. The link to the survey can be found here and we thank all of you that have voted for us in this event. the results will be released on Tuesday. Cross your fingers and think happy thoughts.
Click here to take the survey.

Tuesday, December 4, 11:00 PM EST

Rear that ugly head my friend, rear away.

ITS BACK!. Our favorite rumor of this year has resurfaced as Apple secretly tries to order parts for the old secret. Read More

Monday, December 3, 9:40 PM EST

Ok cut it out, thats enough of that.

With everyone reporting on the G5 rumors are starting to fly everywhere. What do we think? Read More

Wednesday, November 28

Vote AG, Vote often!

Who could have imagined that in just 5 months, your favorite rumors page could have made it to the big times, a suvey of the mac web unknowns. Thats right, AppleGossip has been included in a survey of the most unknown mac related web pages on the web (Rest of the Mac Web Survey). We here at the office would appreciate it if you could go vote for us (at least take the survey), and let the world know that you have heard of us and that you think we are groovy. The survey can be found here. We do our best and try to keep you pleased. We even answer all our email personally with that little added touch of love. Please give some of the love back to us. Seriously, we would like to thank LowEndMac for including us in this survey. They are doing a great job over there helping to promote smaller sites like us. Any comments or question can be emailed to the link at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, November 20

Leave me alone Microsoft, get out of my brain!

Reports are out today that state that the horrible regime known as Microsoft is not as Mac friendly as everyone had hoped. Read More

Thursday, November 15

ipod for Windows, OH THE HUMANITY

Recent reports are stating that a company named Mediafour is producing a software package that will allow Windows users to use an ipod with windows products, most notably windows media player. One cannot imagine the mess this will cause. Read More

Wednesday, November 14

You can thank AppleGossip for Airport 2.0!

As of 10 days ago, a small catastrophy occured at the AppleGossip home office. Read More

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